Air Pollution Control and Water/Wastewater Case Studies

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Case Studies

Monroe Environmental has been designing and building pollution control systems for over 40 years. This experience has provided us with the expertise to solve complex problems that require specialized knowledge and advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Our team of engineers, in conjunction with our experienced shop technicians can design and build complete systems capable of treating contaminated water and air streams that contain several toxic pollutants.

Air Case Study: Carbon Adsorber for Odor Control

Carbon Adsorber Solves Odor Problem at Granary Challenge A grain [...]

Water Case Study: Air Stripper for WTP

Monroe Air Stripper Removes VOCs from WTP Groundwater Challenge The groundwater source for a municipal water [...]

Air Case Study: Dust Collector for Sandblasting

Dust Collector Captures Exhaust From Sandblasting Operation Challenge A steel fabrication facility had a dedicated bay for [...]

Air Case Study: Packed Bed Scrubber Solves Toxic Gas Issues

Monroe Solves Toxic Gas Issues at Semiconductor Plant Project: 30,000 CFM Packed [...]

Water Case Study: Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant

Before After Monroe Environmental Saves City of Detroit Millions of Dollars on WWTP [...]

Water Case Study: Oil Recovery Unit for DTE

Belt Skimmer Provides 30+ Years of Continuous Oil Removal Project: Oil reclamation from underground wastewater holding [...]

Water Case Study: Rebuild of Two 130′ Secondary Clarifiers

Replacement of Two 130' Secondary Clarifiers at a 25 MGD Wastewater Treatment Facility Challenge A municipal WWTP [...]

Air Case Study: Oil Mist Collector for Fiber Plant

Monroe's Multi-Stage Oil Mist Collector Solves Synthetic Fiber Plant's Oil Mist Problems Challenge [...]

Air Case Study: Halide Recovery at a Major Glass Products Plant

Monroe Scrubbing System Provides Halide Recovery at a Major Glass Products Plant Challenge A glass manufacturing plant was [...]

Air Case Study: Glass Resin Scrubbing System

Monroe Scrubber Solves Pollution and Odor Problems from a Glass Resin Reactor at a Synthetic Fiber Manufacturing [...]

Air Case Study: Multi-Stage Scrubbing System for Incinerator Exhaust

Multi-Stage Scrubbing System for Incinerator Exhaust at an Industrial Waste Processing Plant Challenge Monroe Environmental was [...]

Water Case Study: Vertical Clarifier for River Water

50 GPM Parallel Plate Clarifier for Raw Water Treatment at a Chemical Manufacturing Plant Challenge A [...]

Water Case Study: Horizontal Clarifier for PVC Plant Wastewater

Monroe Clarifier Provides Cost-Effective Expansion of Manufacturing Capacity via Wastewater Reclamation and Re-Use [...]

Water Case Study: Parallel Plate Modules in Existing API Separator

Monroe Parallel Plate Modules Increase Oil and Solids Removal in Existing API Separator Challenge A silicone [...]