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Air Pollution Control Systems

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Air Pollution Control Systems

Does your plant need to reduce emissions?

  • Acid gasses

  • Particulate matter – PM 10/2.5

  • Aerosols & opacity

  • VOCs & odors

  • Mist & dust

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Monroe Environmental engineers, designs, manufactures, installs, and services all of the equipment and systems that you see below. We also offers a wide array of engineering, assessment, evaluation, and design services to help engineers, operators, and plant personnel get the most out of their air pollution control systems.

Monroe’s Air Pollution Control Systems & Equipment

Monroe Environmental designs and builds a broad range of air pollution control systems and equipment for eliminating and minimizing a wide spectrum of air pollutants and regulated emissions such as acid gases, particulate matter (PM 10 & 2.5), fumes, hazardous air pollutants, volatile organic compounds, oil mists, and objectionable odors from virtually all types of emission sources and applications. These systems include both standard, stand-alone systems for more conventional applications and custom-designed, multi-stage systems for specialized, high-temperature, or unique applications.

Packed Bed Wet Scrubber

Packed Bed Wet Scrubbers

Wet type scrubber for the removal of airborne gasses, chemicals, fumes, and odors from contaminated exhaust streams.

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Scrubbing Applications and Engineering

Packed Bed Scrubbers have been used effectively to remove a wide range of air pollutants in many industrial and municipal applications. Learn More

Dual Throat Venturi Scrubber

Venturi Scrubbers

Wet type scrubber for removal of airborne particulate matter from exhaust systems and flue gases. Venturi Scrubbers bring particulate-laden air streams together with water at high velocities to transfer the particals into the liquid stream. The water droplets and particulates are then removed from the air stream through centrifugal separation and mist elimination.

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Multi-Stage Scrubbing System for toxic gas exhaust

Multi-Stage Scrubbing Systems

Multiple wet and/or dry scrubbing stages for difficult to remove airborne contaminants, high temperature applications, or stringent emission limits.

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Quench Tower

Quench Towers

Temperature reduction and conditioning of hot process gases through evaporative cooling, often upstream of other air pollution control devices.

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Deep bed Carbon Adsorbers

Carbon Adsorbers

Physical or chemical adsorption of H2S, VOCs, and other gas-phase pollutants onto a porous solid media of activated carbon or other adsorbents.

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Dust Collector to capture exhaust from CNC plasma cutting operation

Dust Collectors

Continuous collection and removal of airborne dry dust with self-cleaning cartridges or bag filters by reverse air pulse.

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Oil Mist Collector in automotive plant

Oil Mist Collectors

Removal of airborne oil, mist, coolant, and smoke from machining, metalworking, and other manufacturing processes using filters or centrifugal separation technologies.

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Value-Added Engineering, On-Site, and Support Services

Multi-Stage Scrubbing Systems

Monroe also offers a variety of engineering, assessment, evaluation, and design services to help engineers, operators, and plant personnel get the most out of their air pollution control systems.

  • Air Pollution process assessment
  • Scrubbing system evaluations
  • Mist/Dust Collector evaluations
  • Performance and compliance testing
  • System rebuilds and retrofits

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In addition to providing air pollution control systems, Monroe offers an array of equipment, components, and devices typically needed for enabling a complete turnkey installation. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Ductwork, dampers, and stacks
  • Control and instrumentation systems
  • Chemical storage and feed systems
  • Blowdown and water treatment systems
  • Carbon and filter media
  • Pumps, piping, valves, and fittings
  • Stocked inventory of spare / replacement items; Monroe and others
  • On-demand inventories and deliveries
  • Expedited emergency replacement deliveries
  • And more
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  • Evaluations and troubleshooting of existing systems and problems
  • Assessments for new and replacement systems
  • Environmental permitting and compliance assistance
  • System sizing and general arrangement drawings
  • Mechanical, electrical and structural requirements
  • PLC programming and HMI interfacing
  • Cost estimating and budgeting
  • Testing and gas stream analysis
  • Air quality impact analysis
  • And more
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  • Construction management and administration oversight
  • Startup and commissioning
  • Operator training and O&M manuals
  • Performance and compliance testing
  • And more
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  • Annual or as-needed service and preventative maintenance
  • Emergency service support
  • On-site servicing, adjustment, repairs, and replacements
  • Extended warranties
  • And more
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  • Pilot scrubbers and collectors available for rent
  • Installation and operation services
  • On-site support
  • System optimization
  • Data and analysis reports
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