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Monroe Sludge Collector, hoseless design

Sludge Collectors

Efficient collection of flocculated solids and sludge with hoseless design

The Monroe Sludge Collector is a hoseless, hydraulic suction collector designed to uniformly remove settled solids from the floor of a rectangular sedimentation basin. Monroe’s patent-pending design improves the flow of sludge through the collector and reduces the chance for in-pipe clogging.

Hoseless Design Improves Sludge Removal

Sludge Collector installed

Monroe Sludge Collector installation

The hoseless-type collector offered by Monroe Environmental is a more efficient design for collecting settled solids from sedimentation basins versus flexible hose collectors, fixed grid collectors, and chain and flight scrapers.

The Monroe Sludge Collector utilizes all-rigid piping which avoids the pitfalls common to flexible hose collectors such as air pocketing, ripping, collapsing, and tangling. It also more efficiently captures the fluidized sludge than fixed grid collectors and chain and flight collectors which produce lower solids concentrations and require more dewatering than those captured from the Monroe Sludge Collector.

  • Reduces the distance sludge must travel to be discharged from tank
  • No in-pipe baffling/interference once sludge is collected
  • Reduces the chance of clogging — improves sludge flow
  • Telescoping arm with UHMW bushings does not impede sludge flow through the collector
  • For smaller basins, no telescoping pipe is required

The Monroe Sludge Collector is the perfect compliment to the highly efficient Monroe Plate Settlers for potable water treatment. The unit can also be provided separately should your plant only require a more efficient settled solids removal system.

Monroe Sludge Collector Design

  • Hoseless, hydraulic pressure suction collector — gravity head or pump induced
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Articulating sludge discharge pipe eliminates the need for cumbersome hoses
  • Orifices on collection header uniformly draw from sludge blanket
  • Dual-reel positioning drive and cable system ensures smooth header movement along tank floor
  • No submerged electrical components or lubricants required
  • Electrical panel for automatic control with digital output and position indicators
Monroe Sludge Collector flow diagram

Alternative Sludge Collector Designs

Drag conveyorMonroe Environmental also offers other sludge collector designs for specific applications including:

  • Chain and flight scrapers
  • Screw augers & mechanical agitators
  • Sludge rakes
  • Mud valves
  • And many others

Sludge Collector Applications

  • Sedimentation basin solids collection
  • Potable water treatment
  • Surface and ground water
  • Industrial process water
  • Flocculated solids collection
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