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Clarifier Rebuilds/Retrofits

Water | Circular Clarifier for Steel Mill Upgrade


Monroe Environmental saves steel mill $145,000 on clarifier rebuild/retrofit for blast furnace wastewater and meets stringent performance requirements.

Water | Circular Clarifier for Steel Mill Upgrade2023-01-13T15:19:27-05:00

Water | Lamella Clarifier Retrofit


Rebuild of two underperforming Lamella Clarifiers to address the stresses of elevated liquid temperatures, and internal structural and process deficiencies.

Water | Lamella Clarifier Retrofit2023-09-18T15:53:40-04:00

Water | Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant


Monroe Clarifier rebuilds replace internal components and convert sludge rakes to higher efficiency spiral scrapers at City of Detroit WWTP.

Water | Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant2023-01-13T15:51:20-05:00
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