Horizontal Plate Clarifier's unique Monroe parallel separator plate design effectively separates both settleable solids and floating materials. The Horizontal Clarifier can be used in place of a circular clarifier for nearly any application.

Horizontal Plate Clarifiers

Solids separation AND oil recovery… Better than “Lamella”

Solids separation AND oil recovery… Better than “Lamella”

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The Monroe Horizontal Plate Clarifier is one of the most versatile clarifiers available on the market. Because the unique Monroe parallel separator plate design effectively separates both settleable solids and floating materials, the Horizontal Clarifier can be used in place of a circular clarifier for nearly any application. This allows for significant cost savings and reduced space requirements versus traditional clarifiers. These advantages have made the Horizontal Clarifier the best-selling clarifier offered by Monroe over the past 50+ years.

Inclined Plates Removes Suspended & Floating Materials

Monroe Parallel Plate Horizontal Clarifiers are specially sized for each application. Monroe Environmental will evaluate your fluid and determine design parameters for your particular installation. Your Parallel Plate Horizontal Clarifier will then be constructed to provide the most economical and efficient liquid clarification to meet your needs.

Advantages of Choosing a Horizontal Plate Clarifier

  • Simultaneously removes both floatable and settleable contaminants unlike traditional inclined plate vertical clarifier designs
  • Non-clogging, cross-flow parallel plate design
  • Mild steel, stainless steel, FRP, or polypropylene construction depending on application and pH
  • Filter media not required
  • More efficient than coalescing media for most applications
  • Reduced capital, operating, and maintenance costs vs. other clarifiers
  • Capacities from 1 to 2,000 GPM
  • Rectangular clarifier design can be used in place of larger, more expensive circular clarifiers
Horizontal Plate Clarifier design

Monroe also offers traditional upflow Lamella Plate Vertical Clarifiers for the removal of suspended solids.

Horizontal Plate Clarifier Capabilities

  • Oil Recovery — Separated oils, process fluids and other floatable materials are guided to an accumulation area for easy removal and reclamation. An adjustable pipe skimmer or a Monroe Oil Skimmer can be included to remove these elements.
  • Pyramid Hopper Construction — Typical design for most applications, especially when flocculants are required. Often recommended for non-draggable solids (see above).
  • Heavy Solids Removal — Where the dirt load is heavy, a screw auger or drag conveyor may be included (see below) to provide continuous removal of settled solids from the bottom of the clarifier.
  • Chemical Treatment — The Monroe Parallel Plate Horizontal Clarifier can include a pre-treatment process as an integral part of the basic clarifier. This aids in the separation of dissolved solids, very fine particles and emulsified oils that tend to remain suspended in water or process fluids. A chemical treatment tank and/or flocculation chamber can be added to allow pH control and mixing of emulsion breakers and coagulants into the influent before the laminar flow process.
Horizontal Plate Clarifiers provide water re‑use for resins plant

Three 1,000 GPM Horizontal Plate Clarifiers, stainless steel construction during installation at a plastics production plant

Horizontal Clarifier ready for shipping

100 GPM Horizontal Plate Clarifier for oil/water separation at a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant

Horizontal Clarifier's shorter modular laminar plates

Monroe Parallel Plate Horizontal Clarifiers vs. Typical Separators

In the Monroe Parallel Plate Horizontal Clarifier separated particles are required to move only a few inches before reaching an uninterrupted and protected free fall or rise to collection areas. Efficiency is increased and build-up of collected particles is prevented.

In typical separators long laminar sections require particles to travel as much as 10 feet before free fall or rise to collection areas, often causing clogging and re-entrainment with other fluid flow currents, reducing separation efficiency.

Laminar Flow Principle for Inclined Plate Clarifiers

The unique design of the Monroe Parallel Plate Horizontal Clarifier creates laminar flow conditions and allows gravitational forces to separate the lighter and heavier elements from the fluid.

Normally, industrial laminar flow separation requires settling areas beyond practical space availability in typical manufacturing plants.

Monroe’s design engineers, however, have eliminated this problem through the unique capabilities of the Parallel Plate Horizontal Clarifier.

Sludge Removal Designs

Materials of Construction and Optional Components

A wide range of construction materials and coatings are available to meet specific needs:

  • Mild steel
  • Special coatings
  • Stainless steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Plastics
  • And many others
  • No moving parts in the clarifier section reduces equipment cost and practically eliminates operating cost when compared with centrifuge separators.
  • Easily removable laminar plates. The unique, modular design of the Monroe Parallel Plate Horizontal Clarifier allows easy removal of individual laminar plate modules from the clarifier for inspection.
  • Complete electrical controls are available to meet customer requirements.
Monroe Horizontal Clarifier parallel plate cartridge, high density polyethylene for highly acidic applications
Monroe horizontal parallel plate pack
  • Mixers
  • Chemical feed pumps
  • Instrumentation
  • Covers are available in a variety of materials to prevent algae growth, protect the water stream, and control harmful vapors/fumes.
  • Access ladders, platforms, and railings can be included to accommodate site specific requirements.

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