Mist collector with low profile, reduced footprint design

Monroe Compact Mist Collectors

Low-profile, reduced footprint designs

  • CMC™ Multi-Stage

  • Fiber Bed

  • Spiral Tube

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The Monroe Compact Mist Collectors are the latest advancement in performance and design from Monroe Environmental – the world-class leader in mist collection technologies. The CMC™, Compact Fiber Bed, and Compact Spiral Tube Mist Collectors are designed to meet the most demanding ergonomic, service, and performance standards of 21st century production plants. The units can be integrated into any machining operation or can stand alone to exhaust operations using straight oil or water soluble, synthetic, or mineral cutting fluids.

High Performance Capabilities – Small Footprint

Monroe Compact Mist Collectors are available in capacities from 500 CFM up to 2,000 CFM, and may be integrated into existing ductwork and ventilation systems. Optional items and controls can be added to meet the specific site requirements of your unique plant.

Higher Collection Efficiency

The Monroe Compact Mist Collectors, with longer operating cycles and higher collection efficiency, outperform other collectors. Because of slower internal velocities through the collector, filter replacement and maintenance labor costs are reduced. Collected mist and solids are continuously drained from the media without shut-down, significantly prolonging filter life and lowering overall operating costs.

Special Features

  • Mild steel is standard for most installations, but special construction materials and coatings are available to meet specific applications. Solid welded seams and built-in lifting hooks provide rugged durability.
  • Large, easy to open access door, with air-tight seals for servicing filters and collector interior.
  • An AMCA rated fan on the outlet side of the collector with either a direct coupled motor.
  • Quiet operation. Sound attenuators and fan enclosures are available to meet 77dBA and lower.
  • Integral pressure gauges are available to indicate when filter maintenance is required.
  • Complete electrical controls to meet customer requirements are available.
  • Stainless steel construction is available for high temperature washer and other corrosive applications.
Compact Spiral Tube Mist Collector on legs

Stainless steel Compact Mist Collector for high temperature washer applications.

Many Configurations Available

Monroe Compact Mist Collectors are available in various configurations to meet your needs. Units can seamlessly integrate into any machining booth or be suspended from the building steel or other supporting structures to conserve floor space.

Compact Mist Collector Applications

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