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Environmental Solutions for the Power & Energy Industries

Environmental Solutions for the Power & Energy Industries

Water, wastewater, and air pollution control systems for power generation

Water, wastewater, and air pollution control systems for power generation

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Monroe Environmental provides custom engineered environmental solutions for a variety of power and energy industry production processes. Our solutions are cost effective and of the highest quality for heavy-duty operations.

We understand the unique challenges that power plants face due to competitive forces, aging infrastructure, and strict environmental regulations. Our engineers assist with providing reliable environmental solutions by adapting trusted engineering principles to the specific treatment needs and process requirements of each plant and application.

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Monroe Environmental has successfully engineered, fabricated, and installed countless air pollution control and water treatment systems for the power and energy industries. We have experience working in power plants (coal, nuclear, natural gas), oil/gas exploration, produced water, bio-energy, ag-energy, waste-to-energy, and many other fields.

Contact a Monroe Applications Engineer for assistance with your specific environmental challenge.

X-Flo Mobile Clarifier arriving to the jobsite on a truck

Mobile Water Treatment for the Power Industry

Efficiency is critical to the successful operation of a massive power plant. Keeping a utility clean and running smoothly requires water treatment solutions that can handle the large flows and unpredictable schedules that come with 24/7/365 operation.

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Power and Energy Industry Experience: Representative Projects and Systems

X-Flo Mobile Clarifiers at a power plant

Monroe X-Flo Mobile Clarifiers™ treating fly ash from wash down water at a coal-fired power plant during a planned outage. Clarifiers treated up to 2,000 GPM and included sludge underflow pumps. Read More

HCl Scrubber at bio diesel plant

200 ACFM Packed Bed Scrubber for removal of HCl fumes from acid storage tank at biodiesel plant. Unit was insulated and heated for freeze protection.

Two Horizontal Plate Clarifiers for stormwater treatment

Two Horizontal Clarifiers for solids and oil removal from stormwater at a coal-fired power plant. Scope included clarifiers with bolted steel covers, flocculation tank with mixer, skimmed oil storage tanks, and access platform. Clarifiers were rated for 600 GPM each. Read More

Clear water in lamella section of an X-Flo Mobile Clarifier

Monroe X-Flo Mobile Clarifier™ for continuous treatment of hydrotest water during commissioning of a new gas pipeline. Treated flow varied between 500 – 1,000 GPM. Read More

API Separator for power plant

420 GPM API Separator for wastewater treatment at a biorefinery. The system included a chain and flight conveyor and oil roll + pipe skimmer for oil removal. The separator is designed to remove free solids and oil prior to a DAF.

Vertical Plate Clarifier installation at power plant

150 GPM Vertical Plate Clarifier to treat disc filter backwash at natural gas power station. System included clarifier, chemical mix tanks, access platform, ladder, and support structure.

Clean water from an X-Flo Mobile Clarifier

Monroe X-Flo Mobile Clarifier™ for treatment of wastewater (produced water, drilling mud, etc.) from oil and gas hydraulic fracking operations. System provided TSS removal and oil/water separation for 300 GPM flow. Read More

Flue gas desulfurization clarifier drive rebuild

Clarifier drive rebuild for FGD recycle clarifiers at a power plant. The solids contact clarifier drives were misaligned and wearing rapidly. The drive rebuild prevented a possible emergency shutdown if they had failed.

X-Flo Mobile Clarifier arriving to the jobsite on a truck

X-Flo Mobile Clarifier™ deployed for temporary treatment of produced water at a fracking well. The X-Flo Clarifier replaced multiple weir tanks with a single unit and outperformed other separators.

Reactor clarifier for power plant

32 ft. diameter Solids Contact Clarifier treating river water for government energy plant. The clarifier included reaction well, mixer, sludge rakes, drive, launders, and access bridge.

Packed Tower Wet Scrubber for syngas conversion

1,500 ACFM Packed Tower Scrubber to remove H2S from syngas conversion process at a biodiesel plant. Unit was built and stamped to ASME VIII code; 316L SS construction. Read More

belt type oil recovery unit

Monroe belt skimmer Oil Recovery Unit for oil removal from wastewater holding basin at a large coal-fired power plant. The belt retrieved oil from tanks approx. 20 ft. below the mounting surface. Read More