30,000 CFM horizontal chemical fume Packed Bed Scrubber with polypropylene construction to remove chemical fumes emitted from acid-dip tanks at a semiconductor manufacturing facility.

Packed Bed Wet Scrubbers

Fume Scrubbers remove acids, soluble gasses, chemicals, and odor

Fume Scrubbers remove acids, soluble gasses, chemicals, and odor

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Monroe Environmental is a single source solution for highly durable and efficient Packed Bed Wet Scrubbers. A Packed Bed Scrubber is a wet scrubber that removes acids, soluble gasses, chemicals, fumes, and odors. Contaminated gas flows through a specially designed packing media that is wetted with recirculated liquid. The liquid solvent absorbs the gas pollutant by physical or chemical means. A blowdown from the tank with makeup water addition removes contaminant products before they precipitate.

Packed Bed Wet Scrubber Design

  • Capacities: 10 to 75,000 CFM with a single unit
  • Efficiencies to 99.99%
  • Vertical and horizontal configurations
  • Counter-flow and cross-flow models
  • Cylindrical and rectangular construction designs
  • Pre-quench and venturi stages available

Monroe Environmental offers complete in-house fabrication and engineering services to provide high quality solutions at a low price. Monroe Environmental supports its customers with installation, start-up assistance, training, and field service. Each Packed Bed Scrubber is sized and designed for specific customer requirements. We will evaluate fume removal applications to determine the optimum design parameters for each installation.

Monroe Environmental designs and builds complete scrubbing systems including multiple stages when required. We also design liquid clarification systems and other air cleaning devices, and can provide integrated complete systems.

Two-stage Packed Bed Fume Scrubber to remove acids and alkalines from dryer exhaust gas.
Two-stage Fume Scrubber to remove acids and alkalines from dryer exhaust gas

Common contaminates removed by Monroe Packed Bed Fume Scrubbers

  • H2S
  • HCl
  • HF
  • HBr
  • HCN
  • HNO3
  • NH3
  • Formic acid
  • Chromic acid
  • SO2
  • Cl2, F2, Br2
  • BCl3, BF3
  • Formaldehyde
  • Ethylene compounds
  • Soluble alcohols, acids, & VOCs
  • And many others

Wet Scrubber Features

  • Materials of construction include:
    • FRP
    • RTP (Reinforced Thermoset Plastic) and dual laminate
    • PVC and CPVC
    • Polypropylene and polyethylene
    • Stainless steel, mild steel, and FRP-lined mild steel
    • Nickel alloys
    • Titanium
  • Wide range of packing media including rings and saddles in various materials. Structured packing is also available.
  • Complete instrumentation and electrical controls are available for stand alone operation or connection with a facility’s centralized control or monitoring systems.
  • Chemical treatment, including oxidation and neutralization, is available to increase absorption of gaseous pollutants. pH control available when applicable.
  • Corrosion resistant AMCA rated fan on the inlet or outlet side of the scrubber.
  • Corrosion resistant recirculating pumps for scrubber liquid re-circulation.
  • Non-plugging spray nozzles for wetting packing in a wide range of corrosion resistant materials. Special liquid distributors may also be used.
  • Moisture eliminators with chevron, mist pad, or loose fill type designs.
Packed Bed Scrubber final stage mist eliminator for glass coating operation
15,000 CFM Packed Bed Scrubber to remove ethylene glycol and NMP fumes from a glass coating operation

Industrial Odor Control, Efficient Fume Scrubber Design

Monroe Environmental Packed Bed Scrubbers are custom designed to meet or exceed the specific removal efficiency required for each customer’s application and process. Monroe can also provide a process simulation for difficult or unique scrubbing system applications. Monroe engineers will optimize the performance of each unit by thorough evaluation of relevant parameters.

To optimize the performance of each unit, Monroe will analyze:

  • Contaminant solubility
  • Vapor pressures
  • Wash liquid flow rate
  • Liquid to gas ratio
  • Packing chamber height, diameter, and volume
  • Packing media type and size
  • Chemical additives
  • pH control
  • Precipitation of reaction products
  • Multiple solution scrubbing
  • Required scrubbing stages
  • Pressure drop across packing
  • Materials of construction
  • Site requirements
Non-plugging spray nozzles above bed of loose fill polypropylene packing of a packed bed wet scrubber
Non-plugging spray nozzles above bed of loose fill polypropylene packing

Wet Scrubber Configurations

Recent Projects


Scrubber Rebuild Achieves Emission Compliance for Chrome Plating Plant

A chrome plating company needed to improve their wet scrubber’s ability to remove acid fumes and metal particulate from an exhaust stream produced by chrome plating tanks. Monroe engineers recommended modifications and adjustments to maximize the performance of the scrubbing system.

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