Air and water pollution treatment rental equipment

Rental Units, Pilot, and Testing Programs

Equipment to rent or pilot to determine its suitability before you invest in a full scale system

Rental Units, Pilot, and Testing Programs

Equipment to rent or pilot to determine its suitability before you invest in a full scale system

Application or technical questions?

Monroe Environmental Pilot Systems are a cost-effective option for determining if a particular technology is a suitable solution for your plant’s specific application. This greatly reduces the risk of a potential capital investment in environmental technology. You can truly “know before you buy” a full scale system. Contact a Monroe Environmental Applications Engineer to discuss a pilot system for your plant.

Rental and Pilot Systems

Monroe Environmental Rental and Pilot Systems are an excellent option for testing a technology’s performance capability and suitability for a particular application. This is a cost-effective way to evaluate an environmental solution before making a capital investment in a full scale system. Monroe has several Pilot Systems available for rent as well as the support services required to install, operate, and evaluate the system’s performance.

Horizontal Plate Clarifier pilot unit

  • Pilot clarifiers, separators, scrubbers, and collectors available for rent
  • Installation and operation services
  • On-site support
  • System optimization
  • Data and analysis reports

Upon completion of a Pilot System test, Monroe Environmental can evaluate and analyze the system’s performance and present a written report summarizing the results and recommendations in order to properly scale up for a full system. We work with your operators, engineers, and maintenance personnel to design a true solution that will meet the needs of your plant and application.

Please contact a Monroe Environmental Applications Engineer to learn more about our pilot system capabilities.

Systems Available for Rent: Air Pollution Control

Systems Available for Rent: Water & Wastewater Treatment

Recent Projects


Air Stripper + Scrubber Skid Rental for Ammonia Removal

An anti-freeze (glycol) recycling center requires ammonia removal as part of its recycling process. This was the perfect application to deploy Monroe’s rental Pilot Ammonia Air Stripper Skid.


Rental Air Stripper Removes Ammonia from Landfill Leachate

A landfill contacted Monroe Environmental regarding a need to remove ammonia from leachate prior to discharge to the local POTW. Monroe reviewed the leachate composition and determined that air stripping was a viable treatment.


X-Flo Mobile Clarifier™ Treats Power Plant Wash Down Water

A large coal fired power plant needed high-flow water treatment during a maintenance shutdown to separate solids from wash down water. The water had been used to clean flue gas air heaters that foul with fly ash during operation.