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Multi-Stage Scrubbing Systems

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Multi-Stage Scrubbing System

Multi-Stage Scrubbing Systems

Complete scrubbing solutions for multi‑pollutant emissions reduction

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Monroe Environmental can provide complete multi-stage air scrubbing systems for a wide variety of applications. High temperature and volatile chemical processes often require a more complex, customized air scrubbing solution than what a simple packed tower scrubber or venturi particulate scrubber can provide.

Air Pollution Control Expertise

In many cases, several technologies must be integrated together to provide adequate removal and treatment efficiencies. Monroe’s experience includes the engineering and fabrication of customized multi-stage scrubbers utilizing the following equipment:

Packed Bed Scrubber for ammonia scrubbing

Monroe has the experience and knowledge to evaluate your process and recommend a customized scrubbing solution for your specific application. We have successfully treated contaminated air streams from nearly every high temperature emissions application across a variety of industries and processes.

Multi-Stage Scrubbing System Example Configurations

Multi-Stage Scrubbing Systems Applications

  • Solid waste incineration

  • Chemical gas incineration

  • Kiln exhaust scrubbing

  • RTO exhaust scrubbing

  • Oven/furnace exhaust scrubbing

  • Flame laminating

  • Dryer exhaust scrubbing

  • Glass coating

  • Grease & chemical production

  • Textile manufacturing

  • And many others

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Recent Case Studies

  • Multi-Stage System--Gas Resin Exhaust Scrubbing

Air | Glass Resin Scrubbing System

Custom designed Multi-Stage System to provide high efficiency scrubbing of the phenol & formaldehyde, as well as separation and removal of the dust particulate.

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