Installation of a rebuilt 120 ft. Secondary Circular Clarifier with riser pipes

Clarifier Rebuilds and Retrofits

Rebuild and replace clarifier internals for long-term performance

Rebuild and replace clarifier internals for long-term performance

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If you plan to rebuild or retrofit a water or wastewater treatment clarifier, call Monroe Environmental. We specialize in the repair, retrofit, replacement and general upgrading of clarifiers. We recognize that up-time is critical; we’ve replaced whole systems in as little as 3 days — from empty tank to new internals installed and operating.

Why Rebuild or Retrofit Existing Clarifiers?

Rebuilding and replacing the internals of a concrete or steel tank clarifier is a quick, cost-effective solution versus constructing an entirely new system. The clarifier tanks often maintain a suitable operating condition while the skimmer arm, center well, drive assembly, and sludge rakes corrode and wear beyond an acceptable level.

The benefits of a Monroe Environmental Clarifier Rebuild are straightforward and simple:

  • Faster installations & reduced total cost
  • Minimal clarifier downtime
  • Improved performance  
  • Reduced future maintenance costs

These benefits are realized because we are often able to fully assemble clarifier equipment before it ships to the job site. In such a case, we inspect and test every bolt, weld, and panel to make sure that each component fits together perfectly before it is shipped to site and installed. This key step can be the difference between a few days of simple installation or weeks of fitting, engineering, and re-working equipment in the field. By reducing installation time, projects can often be completed ahead of schedule with minimal labor cost.

Call or e-mail us and one of our Application Engineers will contact you to review the details.

Circular Clarifier rebuild installation

Rebuild of a Secondary Clarifier for municipal wastewater treatment

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