Monroe Environmental application engineers at an on-site assessment

Assessments & Equipment Evaluations

Value-added design services to optimize your pollution control systems

Value-added design services to optimize your pollution control systems

Questions about our assessments & equipment evaluation services?

Monroe Environmental specializes in optimizing pollution control systems so that you can focus on your core competencies — producing unique, high-quality goods and services. Let Monroe help ease the burden of assessing and maintaining your pollution control systems so that your plant can operate more efficiently.

Process and Equipment Evaluations

Technician performing equipment testing

Monroe is capable of evaluating your existing production processes and equipment to determine your pollution control requirements. We will then be able to make specific recommendations on how to optimize a process that will treat harmful air/gas and water by-products. We offer the following assessment and evaluation packages that will give you an accurate understanding of the current state of your pollution control systems:

  • Process Overview Assessment — Air/Gas or Water
  • Clarifier/Separator Evaluation
  • Scrubbing System Evaluation
  • Mist/Dust Collector Evaluation/Dust Collector Evaluation

Each assessment and evaluation package comes with a written report that will be issued to your company detailing the observations, analysis, and recommendations resulting from the evaluation.