Mist and Fume Collector for Zinc Strip Rolling Mill Upgrade

A zinc strip rolling mill was having repeated issues with its existing fume/mist collection system – short filter life and frequent maintenance events. Plant engineers turned to Monroe Environmental to evaluate their needs and recommend a replacement for their outdated, time-consuming, and expensive system.

Monroe Environmental engineered and furnished a replacement Multi-Stage Mist Collector that could meet stringent air permit requirements and fit into the existing footprint and ductwork. The unit was sized to properly evacuate the mill, protect workers, extend filter life, and decrease maintenance/downtime.

Scope of Supply:

  • 30,000 CFM Multi-Stage Oil Mist Collector
    • First stage dropout/expansion chamber
    • Second stage coalescing screen filter (washable/re-usable)
    • Third stage mist eliminator screen filter
    • Fourth stage ASHRAE filter
    • Fifth stage filter racks for future addition of HEPA filters (if needed)
  • Fan/motor assembly sized to meet the exhaust requirements of the mill
  • NEMA 4 control panel
  • Connection ports for installation of customer’s CO2 fire suppression system
30,000 CFM Multi-Stage Mist Collector for rolling mill

30,000 CFM Multi-Stage Mist Collector

The Monroe Mist Collector dramatically improved mist and fume collection for the plant while meeting air permit requirements. Easier maintenance and longer filter life have decreased downtime, and the plant now has a high-efficiency collector properly sized to evacuate the mill and protect workers.