18,000 CFM Spiral Tube Mist Collector at an automotive engine assembly plant

Monroe Oil Mist Collectors

Many unique Mist Collector designs to suit your application

Many unique Mist Collector designs to suit your application

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Monroe Oil Mist Collectors provide oil mist, smoke, and vapor removal from metal cutting fluids, metal processing coolants, synthetic fiber processing oils, parts washer exhaust, and many other mist applications. Because of our experience, Monroe is able to provide oil mist collection equipment and services to meet in-plant level criteria of 0.5mg/m3 or less. We are the leaders in mist collection technologies for nearly every application.

The Leader in Oil Mist Collectors – Performance and Design

Monroe Environmental has been the premier supplier of Oil Mist Collection equipment for over 50 years. The largest manufacturing companies in the world have routinely looked to Monroe to solve their most challenging in-plant mist problems, and there are several reasons why they keep coming back to Monroe for their Oil Mist Collection needs.

We know that every company and every plant is different. That’s why Monroe designs and builds Oil Mist Collectors to meet the specific standards of your unique plant. You provide the standards that you would like your equipment built to, then we provide a unit that meets those standards at a cost comparable to competitive off-the-shelf units.

Spiral Tube Mist Collectors in automotive plant

Don’t be fooled by the competition — no company in the world can provide a collector that will outperform the Monroe Oil Mist Collector. If you have an underperforming mist collector that was provided by another company, we can help. We know the competition inside and out, and we can evaluate your system and make recommendations to get the most out of your existing equipment.

  • Oil, mist, smoke, and vapor removal
  • Efficiencies to 99.9% on 0.3 micron
  • 500–80,000 CFM standard unit capacities, special designs available depending on plant requirements
  • Ductwork can be provided, including evaluation, recommendations, design, and manufacture
  • Continuous drain for oil removal and reclamation
  • Reduced costs associated with maintenance, energy requirements, and climate control
  • Single units to fit an existing operation, or multiple oil mist collectors for complete in-plant air-quality control
  • Ergonomic considerations — Ease of access to all key points on the oil mist collector
  • HEPA filter option is available as final filter stage

Start a plan today for solving your plant’s air contamination problems by calling a Monroe Environmental Oil Mist Collection expert at (800) 992-7707, or Contact us via email.

Multi-Stage Mist Collector

Multi‑Stage Oil Mist Collectors

The Multi-Stage Oil Mist Collector uses a series of filters to separate and remove oil mist from the air stream. The Multi-Stage Oil Mist Collector includes a drop-out chamber, separator mesh elements, fiberglass filters, and an optional HEPA filtration stage.

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Fiber Bed Mist Collector view of candle filters

Fiber Bed Oil Mist Collectors

Custom designed oil mist collector consisting of a continuous-duty, aerosol coalescing filter, fan assembly and, when needed, an optional pre-filter stage.

See also Monroe’s Compact Fiber Bed Mist Collectors

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Mist Collector for EV manufacturing

Compact Mist Collectors

The Monroe Compact Mist Collectors are the latest advancement in performance and design from Monroe Environmental. They are designed to meet the most demanding ergonomic, service, and performance standards of 21st century production plants.

  • Compact CFBB Fiber Bed
  • Compact CMC™ Multi-Stage
  • Compact Spiral Tube 

All are capable of exceeding 95 – 99% efficiency, while minimizing the maintenance requirements and floor space issues of competitive mist collector designs.

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Spiral Tube Mist Collector

Spiral Tube Mist Collectors

The Spiral Tube Mist Collector is a two-stage mist collector that uses spiral tubes to provide a high level of mist agglomeration and removal without using filters. Centrifugal force and impaction provide the mechanism for primary oil mist removal. Stainless steel separation tubes provide lower lifetime maintenance costs than filter bags which must be periodically replaced.

See also Monroe’s Compact Spiral Tube Mist Collectors

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Coalescing Oil Mist Collector

Coalescing Oil Mist Collectors

Consists of a drop-out chamber for large oil mist droplets and a coalescing section for particle agglomeration.

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Multi-Stage Oil Mist Collector Exhausts Steel Rolling Mill

New rolling mills at a prominent steel production plant were being installed. The plant needed to meet stringent emission limits for both condensable and filterable particulate due to recent regulatory changes.

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