Waste management industry

Environmental Solutions for Waste Management

Environmental Solutions for Waste Management

Water, wastewater, and air pollution control systems for recycling, waste processing, and landfill operations

Water, wastewater, and air pollution control systems for recycling, waste processing, and landfill operations

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Monroe Environmental has decades of experience working with landfills, recycling facilities (metals, plastics, liquids, etc.), and waste-to-energy plants. We know that many applications can be dirty and corrosive, and that the equipment must be able to withstand the rigors of continuous operation.

Monroe Environmental has successfully engineered, fabricated, and installed countless air pollution control and water treatment systems for treating many types of industrial and municipal waste. We work with engineers and operators to ensure that treatment, maintenance, safety, and production goals can be met.

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We provide custom engineered systems for these demanding projects which are cost-effective and of the highest quality.

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Waste Management Industry Overview and Capabilities brochure

Waste Management – Overview & Capabilities

Waste Management Industry Experience: Representative Projects and Systems

Vertical Plate Clarifier for PFAS treatment process

Vertical Plate Clarifier to remove heavy metals and TSS in PFAS treatment process. The 500 GPM Clarifier is equipped with a pyramid sludge hopper, flash mix and flocculation tanks, and chemical mixers. Read More

Scrubbing System for Incinerator Exhaust at an Industrial Waste Processing Plant

20,000 ACFM Multi-Stage Scrubbing System for waste incineration at 2,000°F including: ceramic-lined ductwork, Quench Tower, Venturi Scrubber, Packed Tower Scrubber, carbon filter, fan, and discharge stack. Regulations met included SO2, HCl, PM, mercury, metals, PCDD/PCDF, etc. Read More

Vertical Plate Clarifier for mercury and acid fines removal

Vertical Plate Clarifier to remove mercury and humic acid from incoming groundwater. FRP construction was selected to withstand corrosion from the highly acidic water, and a conservative hydraulic loading rate was selected to allow for proper settling of the tricky solids. Read More

Mobile Clarifier for fracking wastewater

X-Flo Mobile Clarifier™ for treatment of hydraulic fracking water (produced water, drilling mud, etc.) in the Marcellus Shale Formation. The 300 GPM system provided high capacity TSS and oil/water separation. Read More

Vertical Clarifier 140 GPM

140 GPM Vertical Plate Clarifier to treat leachate at a retired landfill. Monroe custom-designed a low-profile clarifier to meet the limited height requirement of the existing building.

Leachate Inclined Plate Clarifier

70 GPM Vertical Clarifier with flash and flocculation tanks, thickener, and FRP cover for landfill leachate treatment.

X-Flo Mobile Clarifier

X-Flo Mobile Clarifier™ to provide TSS and oil removal at a frac water treatment facility.

Circular Clarifier

50 ft. diameter Circular Clarifier for leachate treatment at a superfund remediation site. The tank, mechanism, and internals were constructed from 316SS and the unit was designed to treat 1,600 GPM.

Air Stripper to remove ammonia from landfill leachate

Rental Air Stripper removes ammonia from landfill leachate prior to discharge to the local POTW. The pilot system collected trial data about operating parameters and life cycle costs. In the trial, ammonia removal efficiencies of over 97% were achieved. Read More

Monroe Air Stripper to remove ammonia from ethylene glycol

Air Stripper to remove ammonia from ethylene glycol for an indus­trial solvents facility. To increase the purity of recycled ethylene glycol, it was heated to 150°F prior to the stripper. This is favorable for ammonia stripping due to its increased vapor pressure at the higher temperature. Read More

1,500 CFM Packed Tower Scrubber, Stainless Steel Construction for H2S removal

H2S Scrubber for syngas conversion using an amine scavenger scrubbing liquor with irrigated packing. The required H2S removal was over 99.98% to ensure a high-purity, low-sulfur final product. The unit was designed for 1,500 SCFM @ 120°F. Read More

Wet Scrubber for PFAS

Packed Tower Scrubber to absorb H2S fumes and other odors from an industrial waste treatment process. The Scrubber exhausts the storage tanks and a Monroe Vertical Plate Clarifier that is part of the site’s PFAS treatment system. Read More