Vertical Clarifier for disc filter backwash with chemical mix tanks, access platform, ladder, and support structure

Lamella Plate Vertical Clarifiers

Inclined Plate Clarifier for increased flow and reduced footprint

Inclined Plate Clarifier for increased flow and reduced footprint

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The Monroe lamella plate Vertical Clarifier is designed to provide low cost, efficient solids removal from a wide range of waste and process liquids. The inclined plate design allows the total gravity settling area to be as much as ten times more than the actual floor space occupied by the clarifier. Integral chemical mixing and flocculation tanks are available, as well as options for enhanced sludge thickening.

Solids Removal for Water/Wastewater: up to 10x Total Gravity Settling Area

This unit is typically used to remove solids from industrial waste and process waters. For municipal treatment plants, they are often used to clarify and remove solids from sand filter backwash water and other filtration processes.

Optional equipment includes skimmer, drag conveyors, chemical treatment, flocculator, thickener, and control panel.

  • Inclined plate lamella type separator
  • Efficient removal of solids (TSS, TDS, metals, etc.) from liquids
  • Extremely low space requirements
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Low installed costs
  • No moving parts in settling area
  • Capacities from 1 to 2,000 GPM

Monroe also offers versatile Horizontal Plate Clarifiers which utilize cross-flow parallel plate technology capable of removing floating contaminants as well as settleable materials.

Plate clarifier water treatment: Lamella Plate Vertical Clarifiers with integral sludge thickeners for an automotive assembly plant’s wastewater treatment system

Vertical Plate Clarifier installation, stainless steel construction with integral thickening tank, support structure, and access platform

Laminar Inclined Plate Clarifier Design

The Monroe Vertical Clarifier is designed to remove solids from wastewater and other process liquids. The Flash Mix and Flocculation Tanks (optional) allow for the addition of chemicals and polymers that will aid the settling process — adjusting pH to precipitate dissolved solids and/or enhancing the agglomeration of suspended particles into heavier, more settle-able floc. The liquid is fed from these tanks into the clarifier through the inlet chamber, which directs flow into the separation section.

Parallel Plate Vertical Clarifier diagram

Increased Flow and Reduced Footprint

The liquid then enters the lower area of the laminar plates through side slots which distribute it across the entire width of the plates. Particulate settles onto the face of the plates and slides down to the clarifier bottom. The clarified liquid exits the plate sections through weirs at the top of the unit which are designed to develop and control adequate pressure drop, maintaining laminar flow through the plates. The clarified liquid then flows into the effluent chamber and out of the clarifier.

Settled solids collect at the bottom of the pyramid sludge hopper and are removed from the clarifier. A Sludge Thickener (optional) with rake mechanism may be utilized in place of the pyramid hopper when applicable.

The unique, modular design of the Monroe Parallel Plate Vertical Clarifier allows for easy removal of individual laminar plate modules from the clarifier for inspection.

Designed for Your Specific Clarifier Application

Monroe Inclined Plate Vertical Clarifiers are carefully engineered to meet the specific requirements of each application. Well proven design criteria assure maximum performance of each clarifier. The design provides for easy field installation, fast start-up, and low maintenance costs.

Options to Enhance Efficiency

While many installations provide adequate solids removal without influent pre-treatment, optional mixers and flocculator tanks are available to enhance efficiency when required. Some solids must be flocculated to achieve adequate mass to be effectively removed. Monroe Parallel Plate Vertical Clarifiers are manufactured in two different plate inclinations; the 45° clarifiers are designed for removal of heavy solids while the 55° clarifiers are designed for light solid removal applications.

Monroe vertical inclined plate lamella type clarifier

Materials of Construction and Optional Components

A wide range of construction materials and coatings are available to meet specific needs:

  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • FRP
  • Plastics — PVC, Polypropylene, and many others
35 GPM stainless steel Vertical Clarifier

Stainless Steel

70 GPM Vertical Clarifier with flash and floc tanks for landfill leachate treatment

Mild Steel, Coated

200 GPM FRP Clarifier with mild steel frame


8 GPM Clarifier, polypropylene construction with flash and floc tanks


Plate cleaning wand tools for inclined plate clarifiers

Monroe Environmental has developed a very effective tool for removing solids and debris accumulated on the separator plates of lamella-style inclined plate clarifiers: The Monroe Plate Cleaning Wand. This product has been developed as part of our continued effort to improve operations and maintenance for your plant, and is the perfect compliment to all of our Plate Clarifiers.

The Monroe Plate Cleaning Wand is ideal for in-place cleaning of separator plates and is intended for use while the unit is in operation – greatly reducing downtime required during routine maintenance procedures.

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  • A flash mixer and flocculator tank are available pre-treatment options.
  • Chemical feed pumps
  • A sludge thickening tank with mechanical drive is available for post-settling sludge treatment.
  • Covers are available in a variety of materials to prevent algae growth, protect the water stream, and control harmful vapors/fumes.
  • Access ladders, platforms, and railings can be included to accommodate site specific requirements.
  • Complete electrical controls are available to meet customer requirements.
Mixers for Vertical Plate Clarifier. A flash mixer and flocculator tank are available pre-treatment options.
Vertical Clarifier covers available in a variety of materials
Vertical Plate Clarifier pyramid hopper design
Pyramid Hopper
Vertical Plate Clarifier sludge thickening design
Sludge Thickening

Recent Projects


Vertical Plate Clarifier Removes Metals and TSS in PFAS Treatment Process

A company that specializes in recycling and disposal of industrial wastewater needed an effective pretreatment solution as part of their PFAS filtration system. The Monroe Vertical Plate Clarifier was selected to precipitate and settle the solids and metals in order to extend the life of the filters.

Vertical Clarifier Applications

  • TSS, solids/particulate removal

  • Dissolved solids and metals precipitation

  • Ballasted flocculation

  • Pre-treatment for filtration/membrane processes

  • Filter backwash clarification

  • Leachate clarification

  • Industrial process water clarification

  • Cooling tower water clarification

  • Surface/raw water treatment

  • Water recycling/reuse

  • Municipal and industrial processes

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