Air and water pollution control solutions for the mining industry

Environmental Solutions for the Mining and Minerals Industry

Water, wastewater, and air pollution control systems for mining operations

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Monroe Environmental has decades of experience working with the mining industry. We offer cost-effective solutions to meet demanding regulatory requirements, reduce maintenance costs, improve worker safety, streamline production, and minimize downtime.

We specialize in providing heavy-duty clarifiers and thickeners for wastewater, drainage, and tailings, as well as high-efficiency scrubbers for acid gas (HCl, HCN, etc.) removal and other air pollution control requirements.

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Monroe Environmental has successfully engineered, fabricated, and installed many air pollution control and water treatment systems for the mining industry.

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Mining Industry Overview Capabilities Brochure

Mining Industry – Overview & Capabilities

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Air Pollution Control

  • Acid & alkaline gasses & fumes – HCN, HCl, HF, SO2, H2S, NaOH, NH3
  • Particulate matter – PM10 & PM2.5
  • Condensables & aerosols
  • Opacity reduction
  • VOCs & odor control
  • Dry & wet dust collection
  • Mist collection
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Water & Wastewater Treatment

  • Clarifiers & Thickeners

    • Suspended solids (TSS)
    • Acid mine drainage
    • Metals precipitation
    • Oil separation & recovery
    • Paste Thickeners
  • Wastewater & tailings
  • Ammonia & VOC reduction
  • Mobile Clarifiers & rentals
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Mining Operations Experience: Representative Projects and Systems

Quartz Mining: HCl Scrubbers

Packed Tower Scrubber to neutralize absorbed HCI

3,500 ACFM single-stage Packed Tower Scrubber for removal of HCl using NaOH.

HCl and HF fume scrubber

2,000 ACFM Packed Tower Scrubber. The unit was designed to remove HCl and HF fumes with over 99% efficiency.

Gold Mining: HCN Scrubbers

HCN Fume Scrubber for gold mine

500 CFM Packed Tower Scrubber for HCN gas neutralization at a SART gold mine plant.

Wet Scrubber for HCN gas neutralization

1,400 CFM Packed Tower Scrubbing System for HCN gas neutralization at a SART gold mine plant.

Turnkey Clarifier


40 ft. diameter Circular Clarifier for wastewater treatment at a specialty minerals plant. Clarifier was elevated on legs with a tank skirt that went to grade for additional support. Monroe provided the complete clarifier system, including tank, drive, mechanism, bridge, and access platform with installation on a turnkey basis. The unit was rated for 1,000 GPM.

mobile clarifier for water treatment train at sand mine

Monroe X-Flo Mobile Clarifiers™ for water treatment train at a sand mine. Units were custom built to allow up to 12,000 GPM max hydraulic flow.

Circular Thickener for acid mine drainage

Circular Thickener 30 ft. diameter for high density sludge (HDS) treatment of acid mine drainage for silver-gold mine.

2665 GPM Vertical Plate Clarifier to treat wastewater at an iron ore pellet mine

Vertical Plate Clarifier treating wastewater at an iron ore pellet mine. Each unit is rated for 2,665 GPM.

3,600 GPM Vertical Plate Clarifier treating wastewater at minerals terminal

Vertical Plate Clarifier with thickener treating wastewater at a minerals terminal. The Clarifier includes chemical mix tanks and is rated for 3,600 GPM.

Clarifier for wastewater at a diamond mine

(2) 1,200 GPM Vertical Plate Clarifiers with thickeners and surface skimming systems treating wastewater at a diamond mine.

Polypro Packed Tower Wet Scrubber

1,350 CFM Polypro Packed Tower Scrubber with 60 foot discharge stack to remove HCl from acid tank vent filling at gold mine.

HCl Wet Fume Scrubber

300 CFM Packed Tower Wet Scrubbers to remove HCl fumes from operations at a magnesia plant using water only.

Cross flow low profile Wet Scrubber

7,500 CFM Packed Bed Scrubber to remove NaOH fumes from kiln exhaust at minerals processing facility.