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30,000 CFM Horizontal chemical fume scrubber with polypropylene construction to remove chemical fumes emitted from acid-dip tanks at a semiconductor manufacturing facility.

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90 ft. diameter wastewater Secondary Clarifier rebuild processes over 2 million gallons per day at a polymer plant

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Packed Tower Scrubber for SO2 removal from waste incinerator exhaust, 316 stainless steel construction

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Venturi Scrubber and Cyclonic Separator to remove particulate from a dryer prior to VOC destruction with a regenerative thermal oxidizer

Monroe 27,000 CFM Multi-Stage Scrubbing System with Venturi Scrubber and Cyclonic Separator

Benefits of Partnering with Monroe: A True Pollution Control Solution

Monroe Environmental has been designing and manufacturing high-quality air pollution control and water/wastewater treatment systems since 1971.

Each system is designed for your unique plant and application — a true pollution control solution.

The Benefits:

  • Lower total cost of ownership

  • Eliminate costly unscheduled downtime

  • Assistance with regulatory compliance

  • Experienced engineering team

  • Single point of contact and the convenience of a turnkey solution

  • Standard and innovative custom designed systems

  • P.E. licensed engineers in multiple states

API Separator to remove free oils and solids from plant runoff wastewater at an aviation lubricants plant in Louisiana.

API Separator installation at refinery

Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturers

Let Monroe design and build your next clarifier, air scrubber, dust collector, or another custom treatment system to your specifications. We also offer installation, rebuild, retrofit, and parts replacement services. Just let us know what you need and we’ll design a system that works for you.

Please contact a Monroe Environmental expert today to review your requirements.

Monroe Environmental is registered ISO 9001 and 14001We have over 50 years of engineering, application, and manufacturing experience and expertise to deliver the right solution for your plant.

Quality you count on. Proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.

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Rental Air Stripper Removes Ammonia from Landfill Leachate

A landfill contacted Monroe Environmental regarding a need to remove ammonia from leachate prior to discharge to the local POTW. Monroe reviewed the leachate composition and determined that air stripping was a viable treatment.


Venturi Scrubber Removes PM from Dryer at Fertilizer Plant

A fertilizer manufacturing plant was dealing with particulate matter excursions in their dryer exhaust. Their existing baghouse filters were shredding and splitting due to the abrasive nature of the dust. The frequent downtime for maintenance led the company to seek a solution from Monroe Environmental.


Scrubber Rebuild Achieves Emission Compliance for Chrome Plating Plant

A chrome plating company needed to improve their wet scrubber’s ability to remove acid fumes and metal particulate from an exhaust stream produced by chrome plating tanks. Monroe engineers recommended modifications and adjustments to maximize the performance of the scrubbing system.

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