Stainless steel Multi-Stage Scrubbing System with Packed Bed Scrubbers, Venturi, Quench, & Carbon Adsorber to treat exhaust from a toxic gas incineration process.

Packed Bed Scrubbers —
Applications & Engineering

Application expertise is critical for an optimized scrubber design

Packed Bed Scrubbers — Applications & Engineering

Application expertise is critical for an optimized scrubber design

Application or technical questions?

Monroe Environmental Packed Bed Scrubbers have been used effectively to remove a wide range of air pollutants in many industrial and municipal applications. We will evaluate your application requirements to determine the optimum design parameters — a custom solution for your plant.

Air Pollution Control Expertise

Monroe Environmental has experience scrubbing many air pollutants in addition to those listed below. Depending on the application other scrubbing liquids for the listed pollutants may be more appropriate. A Monroe Environmental expert will help determine the best solution for your process.

  • Acid gas scrubbing — (HBr, HCl, HF, HCN, HNO3, H2S, etc.)
  • Halogen vapors (Cl2, F2, Br2)
  • Sulfur compounds (Hydrogen sulfide: H2S, Sulfur oxides: SO2, SO3)
  • Ammonia (NH3)/amines
  • Chromic acids (H2CrO4, H2Cr2O7)
  • Ethylene oxide (C2H4O)
  • Ethylene glycol (C2H6O2)
  • Formaldehyde (CH2O)
  • Boron compounds (BCl3, BF3)
  • N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP) (C5H9NO)
  • As well as other water or chemically soluble pollutants
20,000 CFM Multi-Stage Scrubbing System

20,000 CFM Multi-Stage Scrubbing System for solid waste incineration process. System includes rapid water quench, adjustable Venturi Scrubber, liquid clarification tanks, Packed Bed Scrubber, and Carbon Adsorber.

Common Scrubbing Liquids

  • Sodium hydroxide (NaOH)
  • Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl)
  • Potassium hydroxide (KOH)
  • Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3)
  • Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and other acids
  • Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
  • H2S scavenger
  • And many others

Chemical Addition

  • Aqueous solutions of the scrubbing chemical react with the gaseous pollutant to increase absorption of the gas into the liquid.
  • In some applications, when solubility is high, water alone may be used as the scrubbing liquid.
  • Vapor pressure, solubility, and pH are some of the factors that Monroe Environmental will take into consideration when designing a system to maximize removal efficiency.

Wet Scrubbing Applications

Packed Bed Wet Scrubber Applications

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