Venturi Scrubber Captures Fumes & PM from Aluminum Die Casting

An aluminum parts manufacturer needed to upgrade their air pollution control system to more effectively capture and remove lubricant mist, particulate, and fumes from their die casting process. Monroe Environmental engineered, designed, and fabricated a Dual Throat Venturi Scrubber for the application.

The Scrubber uses unique non-plugging, adjustable scrubbing throats to atomize liquid droplets, contact the airborne particulate, and remove them from the airstream. Oils and lubricants are then skimmed from the liquid reservoir with a Monroe Oil Recovery Unit.

Scope of supply included:

  • Dual Throat Venturi Scrubber, 304 SS construction
  • Two stage chevron-type mist eliminators
  • Recirculation pump and a drain pump for periodic blowdown
  • Oil Recovery/Belt-Type Skimmer
  • Fan assembly with V-belt drive, vibration isolation and sound attenuator
  • System freeze protection includes heat tracing, immersion heater, and mineral wool insulation
  • Full electrical control panel

The system was rated for a nominal flow rate of 25,000 CFM.