85,000 ACFM Dual Throat Venturi Scrubber removes PM from dryer at fertilizer plant

Venturi Scrubber Removes PM from Dryer at Fertilizer Plant

A fertilizer manufacturing plant was dealing with particulate matter excursions in their dryer exhaust. The filters in their existing baghouse were shredding and splitting due to the abrasive nature of the dust. When this occurred, particulate matter would be released into the plant and surrounding area.

The mess of the powder and the frequent downtime for maintenance led the company to seek a solution from Monroe Environmental. Monroe had previously provided a successful solution for a similar problem at one of the firm’s sister plants. At that location, the client was able to extend production runs and minimize escape events after installing a Monroe Dual Throat Venturi Scrubber.

Due to the solubility of the fertilizer powder, Monroe’s high-efficiency venturi wet scrubber was able to effectively capture the PM in the event of a breakthrough. Monroe engineered the system to minimize the effects of abrasion on the housing and pump, and provided a value-added foam suppression system for the liquid reservoir.

Scope of Supply

  • 85,000 ACFM Dual Throat Venturi Scrubber with adjustable scrubbing throat
  • Integral liquid reservoir with make-up water valve
  • Recirculation pump with tungsten carbide coating for abrasion resistance
  • High-efficiency chevron-type mist eliminators
  • Immersion heaters for freeze protection
  • Spray nozzle foam suppression system in scrubber reservoir
  • Evaluation and recommendation of existing fan upgrade to supply required static pressure to scrubber

After installation of the Dual Throat Venturi Scrubber, the PM discharge events ceased. The plant was able to carry on its production runs without interruptions and constant downtime for repairs.