Pollution control equip for electric vehicle production

Monroe Environmental Equipment Contributes to Electric Vehicle Production

Dated March 21, 2022

Monroe, MI – Monroe Environmental Mist and Dust Collectors have been an important part of pollution control from electric vehicles (EV) manufacturing operations as it has become a larger part of the automotive landscape. While the parts are different than traditional combustion engine automobiles, the manufacturing operations still require control of fumes, particulate, mist, and dust to protect worker safety.

“We are proud to continue our legacy as a leading automotive supplier by being a part of the EV production process. Monroe is as committed as ever to offering high-quality pollution control equipment for the automotive industry,” says Adam Pace, Director of Sales and Strategic Planning for Monroe Environmental.

Monroe Environmental has supplied thousands of pollution control systems for automotive manufacturing throughout its 50+ year history, with installations all over the globe.

You can check out a few “Recent Projects” showcasing these systems here: Compact CFBB Mist Collectors for Electric Vehicle Parts Machining and here: Compact CMC Mist Collectors for Electric Vehicle Parts Washing.