Project Description

Packed Tower and Quench Tower for boiler expansion
Packed Tower scrubber in shipping
Packed Tower SO2 Scrubber
Quench Tower

Quench Tower and SO2 Scrubber for ReBoiler Expansion

A chemical plant that produces coal tar pitch was expanding operations and needed to control emissions from a thermal oxidizer as part of a naphthalene reboiler project. Monroe Environmental was called upon to provide an Wet Scrubber with high temperature Quench Tower to remove SO2 from the combustion exhaust.

Scope of supply included:

  • High temperature evaporative Quench Tower, designed to ASME Section VIII pressure vessel code
  • Tower insulation and cladding overlay
  • Spray nozzles, control valves, and liquid piping
  • FRP Packed Tower Scrubber, designed and built to ASME RTP-1 standard
  • High efficiency packing media
  • Liquid reservoir with controls and water make up
  • Mist eliminator
  • Redundant recirculation pumps and piping
  • Chemical feed pumps
  • pH and conductivity controls
  • Valves, transmitters, and instrumentation rated for Class 1 Div. 2 location
  • NEMA 4X junction box

The system was designed to treat 27,000 ACFM at 800°F and achieve +99% SO2 removal efficiency.

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