SO2 Scrubber Treats Flue Gas

Monroe Environmental Packed Tower Wet Scrubber to remove SO2 from solid waste incinerator flue exhaust.

Scope of supply included:

  • 316 SS Scrubbing tower with chimney tray trap-out stage
  • Recirculation tank with level controls
  • (2) Recirculation pumps – (1) operating, (1) stand-by
  • Liquid spray nozzles
  • 316 SS Packing media
  • 316 SS High-efficiency chevron type mist eliminator
  • Liquid flow meters, pressure transmitters, instruments, piping, and valves
  • PLC control panel
  • Structural support frame

The unit was installed in Q1 2016 and passed all required EPA emissions regulations. The unit was rated for 10,000 ACFM.