Carbon Adsorber for battery manufacturer's VOC abatement system

Carbon Adsorber Exhausts Clean Room at Battery Plant

An automotive battery manufacturer was undergoing a plant expansion and required an additional VOC abatement system to properly exhaust its production lines. Ozone and other organic compounds harmful to workers needed to be extracted from a manufacturing clean room.

Monroe engineers designed a Carbon Adsorber system that could handle the additional air volume, filter the contaminants, and fit within a restricted footprint at the site.

Scope of Supply:

  • Carbon Adsorber, stainless steel construction
    • Mineral wool insulation and aluminum cladding
    • Activated carbon media
    • Fire suppression system
  • Corrosion resistant AMCA rated fan
    • Sound attenuator
  • Stainless steel ductwork
  • Industrial control dampers
  • Complete instrumentation and electrical controls
  • Turnkey system engineering, fabrication, and installation

The system was rated for 4,500 CFM.