Air Stripper, 304 SS construction

Air Stripper Removes Ammonia from Ethylene Glycol

An industrial solvents facility needed to increase the purity of recycled ethylene glycol by removing excessive ammonia (NH3) contained in the liquid. Monroe Environmental was contracted to supply an Air Stripping system to target the dissolved ammonia and improve the plant’s treatment capabilities.

The liquid stream was at an elevated temperature of 150°F, which is favorable for air stripping due to the increased vapor pressure of the ammonia.

Scope of Supply:

  • Air Stripping Tower, 304SS construction
  • Liquid feed piping and distributor
  • High-efficiency packing media, polypropylene construction
  • Mist Eliminator
  • Fan and motor assembly with VFD controls
  • Fan inlet filter housing

Monroe also provided a Reflux Condenser built to ASME Section VIII pressure vessel code as part of a glycol dehydration process in conjunction with a thin film evaporator.