Project Description

Rental X-Flo Mobile Clarifier Becomes Permanent Solution for Fracking Water Treatment

Monroe Environmental received a call regarding an urgent need for high capacity TSS and oil/water separation from fracking wastewater. The X-Flo Clarifier was needed for the treatment of 300 GPM of waste streams (produced water, drilling mud, etc.) created in various oil and gas hydraulic fracking operations in the Marcellus Shale Formation.

Monroe was able to deploy a Rental X-Flo Mobile Clarifier to the site immediately.

After operating for just a few days, it was clear to the site’s operators that the Monroe X-Flo Clarifier was the right solution for their water treatment operations. Several previous testing attempts by the site utilizing alternate, low performance clarifiers and dewatering equipment were not able achieve the desired results of throughput and efficiency when compared to the Monroe X-Flo Clarifier.

The customer commented, “The unit is working better than I anticipated. It’s been able to take everything I’ve thrown at it.” This was referring to their typical liquid flow as well as a very large amount of stored waste left behind from the other failed systems.

As a result, Monroe worked with the customer to offer a buy-out of the rental clarifier so the customer could have their own permanent treatment solution in place without future downtime or additional civil work, piping, or installation costs.

This project is a great example of the flexibility, cost, schedule, and treatment benefits that can be achieved working with Monroe for your temporary and permanent clarifier needs.

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top view of X-Flo Mobile Clarifier
Clean water produced with the X-Flo Mobile Clarifier