Mobile bypass clarifier

Mobile water treatment solutions were a popular topic at this year’s IWC.

Monroe Engineers Attend International Water Conference

Dated November 18, 2019

Monroe, MI – Monroe Environmental’s Application Engineers checked in at the International Water Conference® (IWC) November 10 – 14 in Orlando, FL. They shared and discussed some of Monroe’s latest water and wastewater solutions with current and potential customers.

Of particular focus at this year’s conference was mobile water treatment, where Monroe shines with its versatile and efficient X-Flo Mobile Clarifier™. It is currently used successfully in emergency and bypass operations, produced water treatment, pipeline hydrotests, and to replace circular clarifiers and thickeners in a variety of water and wastewater operations. The X-Flo Mobile Clarifier is just one of Monroe’s many environmental equipment solutions for Water and Wastewater Treatment and Air Pollution Control.

The IWC, now celebrating its 80th Anniversary, is a strong educational conference, dedicated to advancing new developments in the treatment, use, and reuse of water for industrial and other engineering purposes.