X-Flo Mobile Clarifier™ Treats Power Plant Wash Down Water

A large coal fired power plant needed high-flow water treatment during a maintenance shutdown to separate solids from wash down water. The water had been used to clean flue gas air heaters that foul with fly ash during operation.

Two Monroe X-Flo Mobile Clarifiers™ and a Monroe Sludge Pump Skid with 2x sludge pumps stood at the ready and were quickly deployed for the application. The clarifiers treated the wash water and pumped the solids to a simple dewatering box before disposal.

At this site, each X-Flo Clarifier treated 1,000 GPM (total of 2,000 GPM treatment). That’s a lot of water! The plant has successfully used this setup on multiple occasions.

Despite the large flows, the clarifiers require very little operator oversight because of their simple design with few moving parts. Monroe Environmental takes pride in providing effective, reliable mobile water treatment solutions for the power industry.