Fume Scrubber After Rebuild

Fume Scrubber Rebuild for Medical Device Manufacturer

A medical implant manufacturer had noticed a steady decline in the effectiveness of their fume scrubbing system. Low flow and low efficiency led to inadequate control of nitric acid fumes. Monroe engineers determined that a rebuild of the existing scrubber (which was not a Monroe scrubber) was the fastest, most cost-effective solution. The Monroe Environmental field service team completed the rebuild in record downtime – only 3 days, with five days on-site total.

Scope of Supply

  • New high efficiency packing media and mist pad
  • New spray nozzles
  • New recirculation pump
  • Flow meter
  • Chemical feed pump
  • Capsuhelic differential pressure gauge
  • New additional access door was added to allow for future cleaning/improved maintenance.
  • Drain lines from the fan were installed, allowing a path for acid to drain back into the scrubber.
  • All new PVC piping.

The scrubber was totally cleaned inside and out, and cracks on the existing tower were repaired by Monroe plastic welders. Training was also provided to operators and maintenance staff. The scrubber is now capable of high efficiency nitric acid removal for years to come.