Clarifier Rebuild with X-Flo Bypass: 100% Uptime

A truck assembly plant needed to rebuild their 40 ft. clarifier, and downtime was not an option. Monroe proposed a complete, turnkey solution that included a new circular clarifier internal mechanism, demo/install of the circular clarifier, and rental of an X-Flo Mobile Clarifier™ to bypass the existing clarifier while it was being rebuilt.

The Monroe X-Flo Mobile Clarifier was installed prior to taking the clarifier offline while the new internal mechanism was being fabricated. When it came time for the rebuild, the plant easily diverted flow to the X-Flo Mobile Clarifier and continued operations as usual. The old clarifier was drained, internals removed, and the new clarifier mechanism was installed.

Scope of Supply for Clarifier Rebuild Included:

  • Demolition of existing clarifier internals
  • Installation of new Circular Clarifier internals:
    • Bridge/walkway
    • Drive unit
    • Drive shaft
    • Influent well and piping
    • 304 SS sludge rake arms
    • Scum skimmer, trough with beach plate, and baffle
    • Effluent weirs
  • Rental of X-Flo Mobile Clarifier for clarifier bypass during the rebuild

Monroe also provided start-up supervision and operator training by a Monroe factory trained technician. The rebuild was completed in just a few weeks with no downtime!

Once again, the X-Flo successfully bypassed an existing clarifier during needed repairs, and was part of a complete rebuild package provided by Monroe Environmental.