(2) Fiber Bed Mist Collection Systems rated up to 6,000 CFM each to exhaust Silicone Casting Ovens for a medical parts manufacturer. The units are installed outdoors.

Fiber Bed Mist Collectors Control Emissions from Medical Device Curing Ovens

An engineering firm contacted Monroe Environmental to help control dense, white, submicron smoke from ovens curing cast silicone for a medical parts manufacturer. Another company had supplied a baghouse but it continuously blinded over due to the monomers condensing into a liquid at cooler temperatures. The site had an air permit that required a coalescing filter with “no visible emissions” — a tough task!

Monroe engineers selected a very high efficiency filter that could handle the condensing liquids — candle fiber bed filters — as the best solution to the problem. Monroe proposed a complete system for (2) Fiber Bed Mist Collectors that included:

  • Multi-stage mist collectors with coalescing screens, fiber bed candles, and DOP final filters
  • Fans with VFDs and control panels
  • Ductwork and exhaust stacks
  • Sump pump systems

The systems were successfully installed and have been filtering and recovering oils/liquids from the oven exhaust, while meeting opacity and PM requirements. Each unit was rated for 6,000 ACFM.