Compact Mist Collectors for EV manufacturing ready to ship to an automotive plant.
Mist Collector for electric vehicle manufacturing
Mist Collector for EV manufacturing

Compact CFBB Mist Collectors for Electric Vehicle Parts Machining

An advanced machine tool company turned to Monroe to supply high efficiency mist collectors to exhaust machining centers at an electric vehicle manufacturing plant. The systems were required to meet demanding automotive supplier specifications and operational requirements, including a stringent 0.5 mg/m3 outlet mist concentration, provide 4500 hours of final filter life, and meet noise threshold of 78 dBA at 3 feet.

Monroe Scope of Supply:

  • Compact CFBB Multi-Stage Mist Collectors
  • Fully welded steel housing with access doors
  • Integral expansion and drop-out chamber
  • Washable coalescing screen filters
  • Fiber bed box filters
  • DOP final filter
  • Top mounted fan assembly
  • Integral mist collection chamber with drain trap
  • PLC control panel built to end user specifications

The collectors shown were rated for 1,200 ACFM, and are just a few of the dozens of mist collectors that Monroe has recently provided for electric vehicle manufacturing machining exhaust.