Wet Scrubber to treat nitric acid from dryer at a ceramics plant

Wet Scrubber Treats Nitric Acid from Dryer at Ceramics Plant

A leading ceramics manufacturing company needed to capture and neutralize hot, nitric acid emissions from a production dryer. Monroe Environmental was selected to provide a wet scrubbing system which could simultaneously cool the incoming gas temperature, control the acid fumes, and withstand the corrosive environment.

Scope of supply included:

  • Packed Tower Scrubber, 304 SS construction
    • High-temperature polypropylene packing media
    • High efficiency mist eliminator
    • Integral liquid reservoir with level controls
    • Seal-less magnetic drive liquid recirculation pump
    • Differential pressure gages to monitor performance
  • pH controller with pH/conductivity probes and chemical dosing pump
  • NEMA 4X junction box for connection to plant control system
  • Fan assembly with motor and VFD

The system was rated for 26,400 ACFM.