Wet Scrubber rebuild for chrome plating plant

Scrubber Rebuild Achieves Emission Compliance for Chrome Plating Plant

A chrome plating company needed to improve their wet scrubber’s ability to remove acid fumes and metal particulate from an exhaust stream produced by chrome plating tanks. Monroe engineers went to the site of the scrubber and recommended modifications and adjustments to maximize the performance of the scrubbing system.

Scope of Supply

  • Complete retrofit services including parts and installation
  • New high efficiency/low pressure drop packing media
  • New high efficiency mist pad that removes 99% of water droplets 10 micron or larger
  • New spray nozzles to improve droplet formation and wetting capacity
  • Repairs to PVC ductwork from scrubber outlet to fan inlet with EPDM vibration isolator to prevent excessive stress on the ductwork
  • Heavy-duty duct stands for support on roof

Monroe also provided recommendations regarding maintenance, health, and safety to improve the long-term operation of the scrubber, as well as recommendations on future equipment to help improve the overall capture and scrubbing process.

The scrubber is now highly efficient at producing an airstream with low amounts of fumes and metal particulate. Following the retrofit, it successfully passed an emissions test with measured chrome content being less than the allowable limit of 0.011 mg/dscm as specified in 40 CFR §63.342(c)(1) Standards for open surface hard chromium electroplating tanks, and 0.016 pounds per hour (lb/hr) or 0.06 tons per year (TPY) specified in permit number 386-85A.