Multi-Stage Scrubbing System for Chemical Manufacturing Facility

Monroe was contracted to supply a Quench Tower and Packed Tower Scrubber to treat HBr, HCl, and HF gas downstream of a thermal oxidizer at a specialty chemical manufacturing facility in the Midwest. The system was procured through an RTO supplier who was providing a comprehensive pollution control system for the chemical plant.

Monroe’s Scope of Supply Included:

  • Quench Tower, C-276 Hastelloy construction
    • C-276 sprays
    • Steel supports
    • Ductwork and expansion joint
  • FRP Packed Tower Scrubber
    • High efficiency packing internals
    • Mist eliminator
    • Redundant recirculation pumps
    • CPVC piping and valves
    • Instruments
    • pH control and chemical pumps
    • Junction Box

The system was designed for 9,000 ACFM. Monroe was on-site during installation and start-up to support the integrator and the end user.

Multi-Stage Scrubbing System with Packed Tower Scrubber and Quench Tower