Dual Throat Venturi Scrubber for Beverage Producer

As part of a new plant expansion, a major beverage manufacturer needed to upgrade their exhaust system for (4) mixing areas where dry ingredients are brought together to form specific flavors. A Monroe Dual Throat Venturi Scrubber was selected because of its ability to handle the sticky, but water soluble particulate.

Monroe Environmental recommended articulating hoods that capture the dry dust at the source. These stainless steel exhaust hoods are connected to ductwork that connects to the scrubber. Transfer velocities were selected to bring the particulate back to the scrubber without settling in the duct. A drag conveyor was not required for this application as the particulate is water soluble.

Scope of Supply:

  • Dual Throat Venturi Scrubber – stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable venturi throat from outside the scrubber housing
  • Integral wash liquid reservoir
  • High flow recirculation pump – stainless steel construction
  • Recirculation pump to provide scrubbing liquid to spray nozzle
  • Automatic water make up via multi-point level controls and control valve
  • Integrated NEMA 4 control panel
  • Two-stage chevron-type mist eliminator – HD Polyethylene

The system was rated for 6,600 CFM and met the 99%+ removal efficiency.