120 ft. Discharge Stack with Ductwork, Booster Fan, and Turnkey Installation

An auto parts manufacturer was having opacity issues from their existing scrubber exhausting two large forges. They contacted Monroe for a Wet Electrostatic Precipitator to remove smoke and particulate, but after further engineering evaluations internally, they decided that one larger, taller stack would bring them into compliance. Monroe was selected to design and supply the new stack, ductwork, booster fan, and turnkey installation.

Monroe Environmental engineers designed the 120 ft. stack according to ASME STS-1 with a design wind speed of 120 MPH. The stack was designed to accommodate an additional 20 ft. height in the future. New ductwork, fan, and supports were also designed and supplied.

Monroe’s construction team completed the installation, making schedule adjustments to allow the plant to maintain maximum production uptime. The customer was happy enough with Monroe’s work even before the installation was complete to place an order for a new Mist Collector to control fumes inside the plant. A great job all the way around!

Scope of Supply:

  • Engineering and design for complete retrofit
  • A572 carbon steel construction, epoxy coated
  • 7’–0″ diameter base, reducing to 4’–6″ diameter at the outlet
  • Free standing design, with vortex shedding helical strakes on top third of stack
  • Caged ladder access to landing platforms, service platform, and sample ports
  • Sloped bottom with access port and drain connection
  • Interconnecting ductwork (galvanized), transitions, and supports
  • Steel booster fan, 30 HP, with control panel
  • Installation
Uprighting a 120 ft. discharge stack designed to ASME STS-1 with a design wind speed of 120 MPH
Guiding the discharge stack into final position