Two Primary Clarifiers capable of processing over 1.25 million gallons per day for a snack food producer
Installation of a primary clarifier scum baffle
Installation of a primary clarifier flocculation well

Primary Clarifiers for Snack Production Plant

Consulting engineers for a large snack chip producer contacted Monroe to assist with the design of Primary Circular Clarifiers to treat oily wastewater. Handling the high load of oily solids was of particular concern.

Scope of Supply

  • (2) 30 ft. diameter Primary Clarifiers capable of processing 1.25 million gallons per day
  • Monroe’s custom designed enhanced skimming systems for high oil loads
  • High-torque drives with control panel
  • Sludge rake arms with center cone scraper
  • Influent piping and center feed wells
  • Clarifier bridges with drive access platforms and Interconnecting access walkway with staircase
  • Custom designed flow splitter box support structure

Monroe provided further project support by designing and fabricating ancillary structural supports for the plant upgrade.

Long-time employee and experienced Monroe Field Service Engineer, Larry, worked with the site contractor and tank supplier to efficiently orchestrate the entire install; he even helped with the installation of non-Monroe components. After project completion, the owner’s Project Manager called to thank Monroe, and Larry in particular, for a smooth installation.

Monroe’s leadership in design and installation helped make the entire project a success.