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Acid & Alkaline Gas Fumes

Acid and alkaline gas fumes can be produced in a variety of manufacturing, storage, mixing, and production processes. They are toxic, corrosive, and difficult to control. Common pollutants treated include sulfur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), hydrogen chloride (HCl), hydrogen flouride (HF), ethylene oxide (EtO), and ammonia (NH3).

Sulfur Dioxide Scrubbing Using Caustic


Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is common in flue gasses from many combustion processes. Typically, Monroe Environmental will provide a Quench Tower in a high temperature application such as this before a vertical counter-flow Packed Tower Scrubber.

Sulfur Dioxide Scrubbing Using Caustic2023-10-09T16:01:36-04:00

Air | Multi-Stage Scrubbing System for Incinerator Exhaust


Monroe Environmental provided a multi-stage wet air scrubbing system for HCl and particulate removal from incinerator exhaust at an industrial waste plant.

Air | Multi-Stage Scrubbing System for Incinerator Exhaust2023-12-06T11:22:39-05:00
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