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monroe_packed_bed_scrubbersPacked Bed Scrubbers 

Wet type scrubber for removal of airborne odors and chemicals from industrial and municipal exhaust streams.

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monroe venturi wet air scrubber

Venturi Air Scrubbers - Wet Dust Collectors

Wet type scrubber for removal of airborne particulate from industrial exhaust systems and flu gases.

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Multi-Stage Scrubbing Systems

Multiple wet scrubbing stages are often required for difficult to remove airborne contaminants or for high temperature applications.

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Carbon Adsorbers

Physical or chemical adsorption of H2S, VOCs and other gas-phase pollutants onto a porous solid media of activated carbon or other adsorbents.

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Dry Dust Collectors

Continuous dry dust collection for removal of airborne dust with self-cleaning cartridges or bag filters by reverse air pulse.

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Oil Mist Collectors

Airborne oil mist and smoke are removed from metalworking and other manufacturing processes using filters or centrifugal separation technologies.

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Air Case Study

Monroe Environmental was called upon to purify a 20,000 CFM exhaust stream ...Read more »

Water Case Study

A municipal WWTP found that (2) of their secondary clarifiers were too rusted and corroded to properly function...Read more »

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