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Does your plant need to reduce acid gases, PM, odors, mist, or dust?

Monroe Environmental offers a wide array of services to help you achieve these and many other goals with your air pollution control systems. We engineer, design, manufacture, install, and service all of the equipment and systems that you see below. Scroll down to see our custom-designed equipment offerings and to learn more about our capabilities helping you treat your contaminated air and gas streams.

Monroe also offers a variety of engineering, assessment, evaluation, and design services to help engineers,  operators, and plant personnel get the most out of their air pollution control systems.

  • Air Pollution Process AssessmentMonroe air pollution control scrubbers mist collectors
  • Scrubbing System Evaluation
  • Mist/Dust Collector Evaluation 
  • Air Quality Impact Analysis
  • Performance and Compliance Testing


Wet & Dry Scrubbing, Mist and Dust Collection Equipment

Monroe packed bed tower wet acid gas scrubbers Packed Bed Scrubbers

Wet type scrubber for removal of airborne odors and chemicals from industrial and municipal exhaust streams.

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Monroe venturi air particulate wet dust collector scrubber

Venturi Air Scrubbers — Wet Dust Collectors

Wet type scrubber for removal of airborne particulate from industrial exhaust systems and flu gases.

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Monroe kiln incinerator boiler high temp scrubbers

Multi-Stage Scrubbing Systems

Multiple wet scrubbing stages are often required for difficult to remove airborne contaminants or for high temperature applications.

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Monroe carbon adsorbers dry VOC H<sub>2</sub>S scrubbers

Carbon Adsorbers

Physical or chemical adsorption of H2S, VOCs and other gas-phase pollutants onto a porous solid media of activated carbon or other adsorbents.

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Monroe industrial dry dust PM particulate cartridge collectors

Dry Dust Collectors

Continuous dry dust collection for removal of airborne dust with self-cleaning cartridges or bag filters by reverse air pulse.

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Monroe machining oil coolant wet mist HEPA collectors

Oil Mist Collectors

Airborne oil mist and smoke are removed from metalworking and other manufacturing processes using filters or centrifugal separation technologies.

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