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Monroe Environmental has been designing and manufacturing liquid clarification and air/gas cleaning systems since 1970. For over forty years, major industrial manufacturers and municipalities have come to rely on Monroe Environmental as their preferred source for providing solutions to their air, water, and wastewater pollution problems. Monroe can provide initial evaluation, testing, engineering, fabrication, installation, and on-site support.

From The Beginning...

The company's first project that year was to solve a difficult oil mist problem at an automotive plant. The existing collection system for a large grinding operation was not effective - oil dripped from the ceiling and mist filled the air.  

  • After an evaluation, Monroe designed, built, and installed a new system with source capture hoods, ductwork, and a 30,000 CFM collector. A Monroe clarifier was also installed to separate and clean the collected oil so that it could be returned to the process, saving a valuable resource.
  • The Monroe system eliminated the mist problem and provided a clean work area. In addition, collected mineral oil was returned to the process for reuse.

A Growing Company...

The success of that first installation led to Monroe's emergence as one of the most trusted, reliable resources within the automotive industry for in-plant air quality. Over time, Monroe became a worldwide leader in collectors for mist and dust applications across a variety of industries - automotive manufacturing, wet and dry machining, glass/fiberglass manufacturing, tooling, and many others.

As our reputation for well-engineered, high-quality treatment systems grew in the industrial world, so did the scope of our equipment offerings.

We designed and manufactured complex wet scrubbing systems - treating a variety of acid fumes, corrosive gasses, odorous compounds, explosive dusts, and other toxic air streams.

Monroe also implemented numerous water and wastewater treatment systems - engineering and installing plate clarifiers, circular clarifiers, thickeners, oil/water separators, and chemical treatment systems for a variety of industrial applications.

Fueled by our work in the industrial water and wastewater sector, Monroe began offering its clarification equipment to the municipal market as well, saving new customers time and money on a number of key projects.

These experiences formed the company that stands in place today - an enterprise that prides itself on protecting the environment with high-quality pollution control equipment. Monroe has been a family-owned firm since its inception, committed to honesty, integrity, and above all, the satisfaction of its customers.

The Monroe Method

The Monroe Method is all about quality and convenience. It's our superior way of doing business and it saves you time, money, and hassle. The Monroe Method is based upon three main components:

Design and Fabrication

At Monroe Environmental, we offer complete project management, which streamlines the entire process.

Shop Assembly and Testing

At Monroe Environmental, we actually assemble and test your equipment whenever possible so you don't have to worry about costly misfits on-site.

Ongoing Support for the Equipment

At Monroe, we pride ourselves on supporting our customers after the sale - whether it's start-up training/assistance, replacement parts, site visits, or even just answering technical questions over the phone.


Monroe Environmental is proud to be ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified.


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