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The following items are for sale at reduced prices.

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1,200 - 2,000 CFM Multi-Stage Oil Mist Collector - Used 

Includes New Filters, Fan, Motor, Controls, and Gauges

Item# OMC-O12-U

Price: $8,500 (Excludes freight)

1200cfmomc325x400 1200cfmomcfilters300x400 1200cfmomcctrl300x400


- Mild steel construction with industrial enamel coating

- (2) 24" x 24" x 4" Coalescing screen filters for fine droplet removal

- (2) 24" x 24' x 36" Fiberglass bag filters, 95% ASHRAE, 8 pocket with loops 

- (2) 24' x 24" x 12" 95% DOP HEPA-type filter

- Electrical control panel

- Filter monitoring gauges

- Fan assembly

1,000 CFM Fiber Bed Oil Mist Collector - New

Item# FB-010-U

Price: $5,000 (Excludes freight)

fbomc207x400 fbomc2300x400


- Mild steel construction with industrial enamel coating

- First-stage coalescing screen (steel) for fine droplet removal

- Second-stage aerosol fiber bed, fiberglass filter for sub-micron removal - new CECO element

- Housing rated for +/- 30" Water Column

- (Does not include fan or controls)


500 ACFM Multiple Venturi Wet Air Scrubber - Used

Item# MV-05-U 

Price: $3,000 (Excludes freight)

500acfmmv241x400 500acfmmv2300x400


- Removal of particulate and water soluble fumes

- 304 Stainless steel construction

- 21" Water Column pressure drop across (3) stages

- (Does not include fan or controls)


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