Compact oil mist collectors in a smaller footprint design

Compact Oil Mist Collectors

Multiple stage collector in a smaller footprint design

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The Monroe Compact Oil Mist Collector, with more filter media, longer operating time between filter changes, and higher collection efficiency, outperforms all other collectors in its class. Because of slower internal velocities through the collector, media replacement and maintenance labor costs are reduced. Collected oil mist and solids are continuously drained from the media without shut-down, significantly prolonging filter life and lowering overall operating costs.

Monroe’s Compact Collection System

Compact Oil Mist Collector flow diagram

Vertical and Horizontal Mounting Configurations Available

Monroe Compact Oil Mist Collectors are available in various mounting configurations to meet your needs. Units can be suspended from the ceiling or other supporting structures to conserve floor space.

  • Multiple stage collection system
  • Oil, mist, smoke and vapor removal
  • Efficiencies up to 99.9% on 0.3 micron
  • Capacities from 500 to 1,000 CFM
  • Low energy requirement
  • Continuous draining during operation
  • Ergonomic considerations
  • Vertical and horizontal configurations

Broad Range of Industrial Capacities

The Monroe Compact Oil Mist Collector is available in capacities from 500 CFM to 1,000 CFM in a single unit which may be floor, truss or machine tool mounted.

Designed for Minimum Maintenance

Air flow to filter media ratio is held low to prevent saturation blocking. This eliminates downtime due to collector malfunction and minimizes periodic changing of filter media. The Monroe Compact Oil Mist Collector is designed for continuous draining during operation.

Self-Contained Single Unit Design

The Monroe Compact Oil Mist Collector is designed to collect and remove airborne oil mist, smoke, and submicron vapors generated by operations such as high production machining and cold forming. It is a multiple stage collector that has proven capabilities exceeding 99% efficiency on many installations.

After installation of a Monroe Compact Oil Mist Collector, high production machining areas using water soluble, synthetic or mineral coolants can discharge clean, filtered air back into the work area, reducing system costs.

Monroe oil mist collector filters

Open door showing separator screen element (bottom), fiberglass ASHRAE box (middle) and HEPA filter (top).

Compact Oil Mist Collector Applications

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